Amar'e Moving Again

Amar’e Moving Again

Is he even worth all the trouble at this point? By know means am I bashing Amar’e Stoudemire, I have always been a huge fan. I loved watching him and Steve Nash run up and down the court while playing for the Phoenix Suns. It really impressed me that he seem to do it on a nightly basis. He stayed on a Sportscenter Highlight and I knew that once the time was right he was gonna leave that Arizona sunshine for more money somewhere else. Once I heard that he had landed in New York with the Knicks, I guessed playoffs in the next season with NBA Title run in the near future.

Well this never seemed to pan out. I understand that Amar’e can only do so much and in five seasons with New York, he never really had a competitive team around him. They picked up a Carmelo Anthony and he seemed to not be able to stay healthy either. The had a few small minor pieces that I thought could really help with the chemistry of this team. But it never happened. While I won’t put all of the blame on Amar’e Stoudemire, he deserves his fair share. He played hard on a nightly bases, but he always seemed outmatched. You would get one or two plays that reminded people why the Knicks¬† invested 100 Million Dollars in him, then it would fad away. It just never seemed to last long enough to make the Knicks a contender. Not to mention once the injury bug got him it never allowed him to play at the level he felt he should have.

I really am not trying to be hard on Amar’e, it happens to every athlete. There is a point in your career that no matter how hard you train, your body won’t do what it use to. We began to see that in with the Knicks. Back injuries, consent knee troubles, he even has started taking what he calls a red wine bath. A bath in which he bathes in red wine. I have no ideas of what this is suppose to help with, but it just goes to show the levels of rehab he was taking to try to preform with the Knicks.”His time here should be marked by recognizing his effort. It was 100 percent,” Phil Jackson, the Knicks’ president of basketball operations, said in a statement. ”As we move forward in structuring this team, we will look for players that exhibit his desire to win. ”I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute positively on the court and in the community. Although I leave the Knicks with a heavy heart, I wish the organization the best of luck. Once a Knick always a Knick,” Stoudemire said.

Now he is with Rajon Rondo and the Dallas Mavericks. I might have felt better about this decision a few years ago, but this Amar’e Stoudemire I am not sure he can finish another NBA season. I know that he wants to play for a NBA title contender, but how about making the team that you are already on a contender? I am just not sure what Mark Cuban and the Dallas Maverick organization like about this move. You would have to cut his minutes in order to prevent injury and make sure he is able to play by playoff time. Then is he gonna be ready to turn his body up to that next level in order to win a NBA Championship? I am just not sold on it, but I will be watching to see if he make me eat my own¬† words.