Don't Worry We Good

Don’t Worry We Good

It’s early in the NBA season and you can hear the rumbling about the Cleveland CAVS beginning this new season with a 1-3 start. They haven’t looked good playing together. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have been fight for the ball. Kevin Love is having trouble adjusting to the physical style of play in the Eastern Conference. After a opening night lose to the New York Knicks after a concert, homecoming, and basketball game in Cleveland we figured that they would be fine after this game. Well they haven’t! It looks like they have never played together before. The timimg of the offense and their lack of defense has them just being completely outplayed. With that being said should we¬† worry? Absolutely Not!!!

There is gonna be adjustments with them learning to play together but this is LeBron James’ team! He did not come back to Cleveland a 2x NBA Champion to lose. The coaching stuff, players, and even the front office better get on board or they will be replaced. Of course LeBron is not MJ and doesn’t have to power MJ had with his 6 Championship, but he is the closet thing that we have in Ohio. No matter how we feel about the way LeBron left Cleveland he did do one thing. Went and won 2 NBA Championships and went to multiple conference championships. So yes he has earn it!

There is a lot of blame to go around for the CAVS slow start. Kyrie Irving is a great young talent. Maybe a future NBA Hall Of Famer, but he is not King James. He doesn’t have 1 NBA Championship let alone 2. He has never been to the playoffs. With that being said he has to follow LeBron James lead.