Mo'Ne Davis: A Class Act

Mo’Ne Davis: A Class Act

Racism and racist comments are something that this country was built on, so I am not surprised that a Bloomsburg University Baseball player would send out a racist tweet. The part the made me mad was the point that he would find it OK to come after a teenager! Disney is making a movie about Mo”Ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada” is what Joey Casselberry tweeted. She is a 14 year old child and he is a grown man and it is cool to call her a SLUT? Now that pissed me off!

Mo’ne Davis is a female Little League pitcher from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the first girl to earn a win and pitch a shut out in the Little League World Series. She is also the first Little League player to appear on Sports Illustrated as a little league player. Mo’Ne Davis is also the first Africian-American girl to play in the wide series. This is why she is such a inspiration to not only Africian-American girls but to young girls all over the world. Even after hearing those hateful words from Joey Casselberry the Bloomsburg baseball player she handled the whole situation with class as respect. She went as far as the ask Bloomsburg University President to allow him to return to school because we all make mistakes. “While I admit I was pretty hurt when I read [Casselberry’s] comments,” she wrote, “I felt sad that he was dismissed from the team. As many people know, my dream is to play college basketball and maybe even professionally. I know how much hard work and dedication it will take to get there, and to have that dream taken away would be heartbreaking. I am sure Joey Casselberry has worked very hard to get where he is and dreams of playing in the major leagues. For this reason, I’m asking you to please allow him back on the team so that he can continue to chase his dream. He made one dumb mistake. I’m sure he would go back and change it if he could. We all make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven. I hope you will give him a second chance and allow him to play.” I wish we all could be have so much class.

Not only is Mo’Ne Davis a up and coming star, she also has a sneaker deal, a book deal, and Disney has a movie coming out about her. Mo’Ne Davis is a special talent that has young girls all around the world wanting to be like her. A true role model in the since of the world. It just so happens that she is African-American. We all should be so lucky to have a child that is role model for other children. Her career is going to continue to explode and I wish her nothing but the best, I also know that Joey Casselberry will learn from this experience. He has to go back home and explain to his parents why he  got dismissed off of the baseball team. His parents and all that have help him get to this point are going to see that nasty tweet so he will be punished for a long time. I want everyone to realize something, social media in not always your friend. Think before you press SEND. Here is a copy of the tweet.


Joey Casselberry's tweet (Source: Twitter)