Jason Kent  Next Level 24

Jason Kent Next Level 24

Training young athletes has become something that a lot of trainers and former athletes have become involved in. Turning over our children to qualified coaches and trainers is a difficult decision, but when I think of basketball I think of Jason Kent. Jason Kent who is from Columbus, Ohio, is the Director at Next Level 24 Basketball, where he train athletes to be the best. Jason is a person that I have known personally for more then 20 years. He has coached and or trained young basketball players for the past 17 years. He has coaching experience on every level from Division I to NAIA, and he has helped develop some great young talent.

That is why I am so excited about his Next Level 24.¬† Next Level 24 is a basketball training service out of Tinley Park, Illinois that specializes in coaching the game of basketball from a coaches perspective. These athletes will be coached on the very basic fundamentals of basketball and have the options of specialized shooting or rebounding clinics. Next level 24 specializes in training amateur, high school,and college basketball players through a series of custom workouts. These workouts include film study and basic fundamental work. The objective of Next Level 24 is to give your student athlete the best chance to play basketball at the next level. This isn’t for everybody, the workouts are challenging high intensity workout that pushes athletes to the preform at the ultimate level. At Next Level they can focus on developing into skilled basketball players that have a complete an overall game.

Jason Kent or Coach Kent as he is commonly refereed to, has had a history of success working with student athletes. Here is a short list of a few and the school they attend.

Anthony Johnson – Northern Illinois University

Ahmad Starks – Illinois University

Aaron Armstead – Northern Illinois

Molly Franson  РNorthern Kentucky

Devon Foster – Chicago State University

Diamond Beatty – Tennessee State University

Dwayne Evans – St Louis University

Brandon Spearman – University of Hawaii

Character, Perseverance and Sacrifice are three areas that Jason Kent focus on during his training sessions. Character is something that you need to have when nobody is looking. Perseverance is what drives you when things get tough. Sacrifice is what you are willing to do to have what you want. All of these areas are important in the development and training of young athletes. Coaching for 17 years give Jason an inside view of what coaches and recruiters are looking for in student athletes. With his coaching experience he can help with recruiting of athletes as well, with the focus still on going to school and getting a education. Not many people are blessed enough to do something that they love for a living, that is not the case with Coach Jason Kent. Those who work with Coach Jason Kent will have success and become a Champion. Look out for Next Level 24 coming to a city near you.

Make sure you tune in Sunday January 18, 2015 to Tune In Radio to hear Jason Kent live on The Sporting Goods 365 just talk radio at 1pm where he will be discussing Next Level 24, and giving us his option on AAU basketball.