Who Is Manti Te'o?

Who Is Manti Te’o?

This story is confusing. A high profile college football player from Notre Dame has a tragic story of losing his girlfriend and grandmother on the same day, but we find out that the girlfriend not only didn’t die but doesn’t exist. This is something out of a science fiction novel with a bad ending. The reason we liked Manti Te’o was that he was a leader, that through some difficult circumstances was winning. Not only on the football field but in life. His glass always seemed half full, a high character guy with God given natural ability that was headed to a big NFL contract to finish this story book ending. But now that we have found out, that since December 6, 2012, he knew that the story or hoax was a lie and he continued to tell it to the media at least two more times. He loved that attention. I don’t believe that he started this story but I sure believe that he didn’t try to stop it, and this story took on a life of it’s own. She was in a car accident and he didn’t see her, she had leukemia and he didn’t see her, and she passed away and he didn’t go to the funeral, but was awarded the team ball after a tough Michigan State win. Now that I look back and think about it, he has been keeping the truth from us. We never saw a picture of her or anything. But this can be fixed. He is still a young man fresh out of college that has not even touched that professional field yet. Apologize and tell the whole story. We shouldn’t care, but he put us in this story, so don’t expect us to just walk away when it becomes uncomfortable to you to tell. We love a comeback story but we need the story first. You have to tell us everything you know and humble yourself. Time heals all, But remember, Manti, we forgive but we don’t forget!