Does Tony Romo Give Dallas The Best Option For A Championship?

Does Tony Romo Give Dallas The Best Option For A Championship?

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off their 1st lost in 11 weeks and Rookie Starting Quarterback Dak Prescott is coming off one of the worst games of his early NFL career , and some fans are calling for Tony Romo to replace him. During a tough Sunday night lose to the New York Giants ( their 2nd lose to the Giants this season) Dak throw a couple of interceptions and was hurried on numerous plays. But does this mean that he needs to be replaced by the 100 million dollar man Tony Romo? I say NO NO NO!!! Let me explain why.

Tony Romo has been a valuable part of the Dallas Cowboy Organization for the past 10 plus seasons but, when Dallas needed him the most he has came up short. Tony Romo is 55-38 in the regular season with a 95.6 passer rating. But he is 1-3 as a starter in the playoffs, and 0-3 in other games when a playoff berth was on the line. In other words Tony doesn’t win the big game. In his NFL career Tony Romo has passed for over 34,000 yards. Now of course this isn’t all his fault, but when you are making $100 plus million dollars and you are the quarterback of Americas Team all eyes are on you. Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett has jumped to his quarterbacks defense and stated “I think teams win ‘win or go home’ games,” I think teams win playoff games. I think teams win championships.” Now fast forward to this season.

With Dak Prescott as the starting rookie quarterback and the future of the Dallas Cowboys he has a 11-2 record coming off a 11 game win streak. Dak took a tough loss at MetLife Stadium to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, where he didn’t play well and looked like a rookie. Dak threw 2 INTs and wasn’t at the top of his game due to heavy pressure from the Giants defensive front. He seemed uncomfortable and sometimes hurried in the pocket and  Dak still had the Cowboys in a position to win the game only losing by 3 points. The one thing that Dak has that Tony Romo has never had,was a strong running game behind him.

When Jerry Jones drafted Ezekiel Elliott with the 4th pick, the stage was set for success. With Zeke behind that offensive line he takes a lot of the pressure off of Dak. He doesn’t have to win the game like Tony Romo had to in many instances, he just needs to be a game manager and keep his mistake to a minimum. Now I do believe that if Dak doesn’t pick up his play before the playoffs, he will be in a short string! You have a good team that is in a position to win a NFL Championship, and believe me Jerry Jones is waiting for the chance to call Tony in the game and let him ride off into the sunset. He is aware that Dak is the future and would LOVE for Tony to come and save to day! He knows that this is Daks team but I don’t believe that he is doing this to undermine Dak it’s just that Tony is getting older and this might be his last shot.

I expect this from time to time from a rookie quarterback he will go through his growing pains, but leave him in the game! He has given the Cowboys the best opportunity to win this season and with Tony Romo finally healthy, he is the highest paid backup in the league. Like I said earlier If he doesn’t pick up his play before the playoffs, all bets are off and here comes Tony. But Tony Romo has never been on a 11 game win streak and this kid Dak Prescott is something special. In the words of former Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson “HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!”