GUILTY: Life Without Parole

GUILTY: Life Without Parole

I really get tired of hearing stories of professional athletes getting in trouble. One after another we see athletes being handcuffed and walked into various courthouse throughout the country. Most recently from Ray Rice and his domestic violence against his now wife, to Aaron Hernandez and the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd. I have been watching this trial since Aaron Hernandez arrest in June of 2013. It seemed almost unbelievable that a young man with so much talent and huge future would be charged with such a horrible crime. I watched as he was handcuffed and walked out of his beautiful home and taken into police custody, but when I heard GUILTY my first thought was that their are no winners.

Aaron Hernandez was found guilty and convicted of 1st Degree Murder for the murder of Odin Lloyd. This case for Hernandez comes with a mandatory life sentence without parole, and a automatic appeal. I feel terrible for everyone involved. I sat and I watch Odin Lloyd’s mother and his family sit through everyday of this trial. Listening to attorney’s detailing how their love one was killed and looking at photos of Odin Lloyd’d dead body. This was a hard thing for them and they should not have gone through tragedy. Watching Aaron Hernandez’s mother sit there and praying that her son wouldn’t go to jail. This was a hard trial for me to watch because it seemed like justice couldn’t be served because their were to many losers.

When I heard the juror say GUILTY and I saw Odin Lloyd’s family crying and Aaron Hernandez’s mother crying I thought of all the opportunities that Aaron Hernandez had let slip away and everything that Odin Lloyd won’t get to do. Aaron Hernandez had just had a beautiful young daughter that will never know her father outside of jail. Odin Lloyd never had a chance to have children but was a great uncle to his nieces and nephews. Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd had a connection because they dated sisters. Now since this case and verdict, the sisters relationship has become estranged and they no longer communicate with each other. Let’s not forget about Aaron Hernandez’s daughter, she is family with the man her father is convicted of murdering.

As difficult as this case was the strength of Odin Lloyd’s mother is what makes me smile. Even after her son was killed and Aaron Hernandez was convicted of killing him, she showed forgiveness.

“I forgive the hands of the people that had a hand in my son’s murder….either before or after, and I pray and hope that someday everyone out there will forgive them also.”

-Odin Lloyd’s Mothers Victim Impact Statement

Let’s continue to pray for these families.


ABC News sources confirmed that prosecutors believe Lloyd was killed over his knowledge of the 2012 double-murder, but prosecutors were barred by the judge from telling the jury their theory for the motive because it was deemed speculation.