Tiger's Struggles

Tiger’s Struggles

I have been watching Eldrick “Tiger” Woods since he was a senior in high school. I like every other golf fan saw so much promise. The sky was the limit for Tiger, and he was gonna be one of the best golfers in this century. It all began the way it should have, with Tiger winning. Tiger Woods turned Pro in 1996 and by April of 1997 he had won his first Major, The Masters. This was just the beginning, by June of 1997 he was the #1 Golfer in the World a title he would hold onto until 2010 season. During this span Tiger Woods recorded numerous golf records. PGA Player of The Year 11 times, Byron Nelson Award Winner 8 times, leading money list a record 10 different seasons, 14 different Major Championships, and won Silver and Gold Medal at The Open Championships. With a start like this every record was going to be broken, or so we thought.

When Tiger Woods was on top of the golf world, he ran the golf. But in late 2009 the world found out that Tiger Woods had been having extra marital affairs with numerous women. We all heard the voice mail that Tiger left to one of the women. That his wife might be calling. The world was watching as Tiger’s world was comingĀ  down around him. A group of women were all saying that they had been with Tiger. It seemed like everyday another woman after another. He lost his family, his wife moved on with their children, and his golf game was the last thing on his mind. This was the start of the end of Tiger Woods chasing history.

With the type of golfer that Tiger Woods is, his body has been on the decline for the last few years. His swing is strong and puts a lot of stress on his back, so his back and lower body has always given him problems. But it’s different now. He seems to not want to put the work in to put his golf game where it once was. To be the type of player that Tiger was he has to make golf his one and only focus. He can get the best swing coach to work on his swing, any type of coaching he needs is at his fingertips. His game can get better if he wants to put the work in. But with if his prioritizes have changed and being the best golfer in the world is not what he wants any longer? That’s exactly what I think his problem is.

Once Tiger lost his family to infidelity his focus changed. I believe that he never wanted to lose his family, but his actions said other wise. He embarrassed his wife! A different woman every day saying that they had been with her husband. It was to much for her or any person to handle. Behind closed doors I believe they would have worked through this, but being Tiger Woods or being married to Tiger Woods would not let that happen. So not only did he lose his family, he lost his desire to compete at the highest level. You can’t blame him for losing the love of the game, even if it was his fault. Spending time with his children and the people he love has a different value now. He doesn’t want to put the effort and time in to be the success that he was. I don’t know if he would have ever gotten this insight if he hadn’t gone through what he went through. Let’s not forget that he is a very proud person and doesn’t want the word to see his game decline at such a rapid rate.

Even if Tiger never returns to the form that he once was, it was magical for everyone to see. I respect this Tiger Woods more because he saw his faults and changed them. We all deserve a second chance, Tigers just won’t be at the highest level in the golf world.