Stuart Scott Gone at 49

Stuart Scott Gone at 49

ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott passed away the morning January 4th, 2015. It was wildcard weekend, but it’s a said day in the sports world. The very reason that I am in Sports Broadcasting is because of Stuart Scott. I never had the pleasure of meeting him I watched from afar and loved the way he commanded the Sportscenter set.While just a 19 year old kid at Bowling Green State University playing college football, I was introduced to him as was the rest of the world with ESPN 2 being launched. His witty sense of humor and dead on sports talk was all that I needed to get my sports day going. He made me wanna do that. Talk sports the way I wanted to, the way Stuart did. Boo-Yah and As Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow are terms that he made famous on ESPN.

Scott valiantly battled cancer since he was first diagnosed in late 2007. When they told me I had cancer—a very rare form called appendiceal cancer( affecting an estimated 600 to 1,000 Americans each year)—I was shocked. But I went straight into battle mode. Every morning I’d wake up and have an internal conversation with cancer. “All right, dude,” I’d tell it, “go ahead and hit me. But I’m going to hit you back even harder.” It recently came back a third time. To be honest, I’m scared. I’ve always been afraid of cancer, but this time feels different. My confidence is shaken. I’m a little more vulnerable, a little more aware of my mortality, a little more uncertain about my future. All of which just means I depend on my post-chemo workouts even more.

On a personal note, he was talking like I talk. He showed me and other young African-Amercian kids that you can be yourself and still make it. You have to work hard and polish your game up but you can make it. Even when he had people questioning his style and the way he did sportscasting, he stayed true to himself. Even in the mist of cancer and knowing that death was near, he never stopped being the best him he could be.

But the most important thing in his life was his two daughters Taelor 19, Sydni 15. “The best thing I have ever done, the best thing I will ever do,” Scott said. “Is be a dad to Taelor and Syndi.” That’s why he fought as hard and as long as he did, for these girls. He was a father to those young ladies, and never let anyway forget it. I feel sorry for them more then anything, but I would like to think them for sharing Stu with the rest of the world. Rest in Peace Stuart Scott! Boo-Yah!!!


“When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer.” “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

Stuart Scott